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Brand: Wetech Model: 100552
In-vehicular charger for KENWOOD radios TK-2180, TK-3180, NX-200 and NX-300; usable with KNB-31A, KNB-32N, KNB-33L, KNB-47L, and KNB-48L batteries...
Ex Tax:€217.50
Brand: Wetech Model: 120231
In-vehicular charger for KENWOOD radios TK-2140, TK-3160, TK-3170 and NX-220; Usable with KNB-26N, KNB-25A, KNB-24L, KNB-55L, KNB-35L and KNB-57L batteries...
Ex Tax:€184.80
Brand: Wetech Model: 120393
In-Vehicular charger for MOTOROLA radios GP320 up toGP680, GP1280, GP340ATEX, GP380ATEX and MTP850EX; suitable with HNN4003A, PMMN4159AR, HNN9008A, NNTN5510AR, NNTN5510CR, NNTN7383A, HNN4001A, NNTN5510CR, HNN9013D, HNN9012AR, PMNN4151AR batteries...
Ex Tax:€198.82
Brand: Kenwood Model: 140505
KSC-32SRapid ChargerRecharges the following batteries:- KNB-31A- KNB-32N- KNB-33L- KNB-41NC- KNB-47L- KNB-48L- KNB-50C- KNB-58LEX- KNB-64LEXA.C. Voltage (variable) 100 to 240 voltsDimensions W x H x D - 102.0 x 56.4 x 131.5 mmWeight Charger only - 190 g..
Ex Tax:€74.00
Brand: Kenwood Model: 140566
KNB-55LLi-Ion rechargeable batterie..
Ex Tax:€70.00
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