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Brand: David Clark Model: 122017
Headset-MicDual-Ear, Over-The-Head style, with boom-mic optimized for airport ramp environments. Provides maximum comfort, noise-attenuation and clear, reliable communications. Crisp, clear communication in demanding environmentsAll hardware marine-grade stainless steel for rust/corrosion resistance..
Ex Tax:€715.90
Brand: David Clark Model: 200008
Headset-Mic ShieldDual-Ear, Over-The-Head style, provides maximum comfort and features mic-shield with snap/strap assembly for clear, hands-free communication in extreme high-noise environments. Features Snap/strap assemblies secure the shielded microphone to user's mouth for hands-free communicatio..
Ex Tax:€773.44
Brand: David Clark Model: 200009
Headset-MicDual-Ear, Over-The-Head style, with boom-mic for use in high-noise environments. Provides maximum comfort and clear, reliable communications. Features Rugged construction, all hardware marine-grade stainless steelDynamic earphones with stainless steel retainersM-2 dynamic microphone, wate..
Ex Tax:€715.90
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