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100068 - 40416G-62 Model H6780-51

100068 - 40416G-62 Model H6780-51
100068 - 40416G-62 Model H6780-51
  • Model: 100068
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Behind the Head (BTH) Style - No Adapter Needed

Headgear Attachable Style, No Adapter Needed

  • Connect directly to portable radio with no adapter required
  • Rated Intrinsically Safe with FM Approval (Approved to IS / CSA / ATEX / IECex standards)
  • Marine-grade, stainless steel hardware and rugged construction
  • Cap attachable style for applications requiring hard hats or protective headgear
  • PTT button conveniently located on headset ear dome
  • Durable 6-foot extended coil cord terminated with radio-specific connector
  • Undercut, Comfort-Gel ear seals for maximum comfort
  • Hard hat not included

             Works with VOX enabled MotoTrbo radios. If PTT button is pushed it will return the radio to PTT mode.

             Radio can be returned to VOX mode by changing the channel and then back again.

            Parts List H6780-51

            6700 Series Radio Direct Connect